Who Is Using The Cloud?

mukesh valabhjiThis series’ previous posts have explained how cloud computing works and discussed the various advantages conferred by this technology. The cloud came into existence in the late 1990s, and since then the numbers of businesses adopting it has steadily increased. Board member of Softbank PrinceVille, Mukesh Valabhji, has been watching with great interest just how Softbank used the cloud as an engine for growth.

The use of cloud computing is growing all the time and it is estimated that in 2016, the growth will increase to the point that it will form the bulk of new IT spending. It is also thought that by the end of 2017, over half of large organisations will have some sort of hybrid cloud development.

A recent survey of IT professionals discovered that there had been an increase of 74% in the use of hybrid cloud technology from the year before. Just over half of respondents said that while the greater part of their application portfolios were not yet in the cloud, they were at least cloud-compatible. 32% run more than a fifth of their applications in the cloud.

Cloud adoption is growing, and if companies are not to be left behind, they need to make it a strategic objective rather than a shadow IT project.