Why a Cell Phone Can’t Replace a Landline

Over the last few years there has been a trend where more and more people have been abandoning their landlines. They have either been removing their mobile or business landline, or not bothering to have one installed when moving into a new home or business property. Indeed, for many it has become perceived wisdom to avoid a landline altogether in order to reduce bills, while removing something which is now seen as supplement to requirements; however, there are many reasons why this is not the case, and why businesses and home owners should consider their landline options carefully before making a decision. Even top business property investors have maintained their use of landlines whether at home or in lucrative developments, such as this Mukesh Valabhji project, and so the business world continues to show that there is still indeed merit in having a landline. But why are some people making the mistake of abandoning their landlines?

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Why Do People Get Rid of a Landline?

For many, the main argument is finance. By not having a landline, this decreases monthly bills, but it also minimises the chances of letting a bill get out of hand should a home phone be overused. Another reason is that most people already have a mobile phone, so they feel that a landline is overkill and simply not needed. Unfortunately, both of these claims are incorrect. This is usually a rash decision, and there are many reasons why someone should still pay for a landline in their property.

Essentially, there are two types of people who should still consider a landline:

  1. Homeowners
  2. Business Owners

Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons why both of these should look to maintain their landline or have one installed.

A Landline For Homeowners

For most, it will be in the home where they have experience of owning a landline. For nearly a hundred years this has been a stalwart of the modern house or apartment, but now seems redundant for the reasons given above to some. In reality, homeowners should seriously consider a landline because:

  • Savings: Contrary to what most believe, having a landline can actually save a homeowner money. If they have a TV and broadband provider, they may be able to get a package which will save on monthly payments when including a landline.
  • Reception: Mobile phone signal strength will vary depending on location and network. Even the best networks will sometimes experience outages, and for this reason a landline is always a great back up to have. It rarely goes down, most landlines are not badly affected by the weather, whereas mobile phones can be. If taking an important phone call it can be frustrating to experience such a problem with reception, a landline helps to negate this issue.
  • Quality: This is something which is not often stressed, but a landline tends to sound better than a mobile phone. This can be important when wanting to connect with someone on a personal level, or if anyone in the home has a hearing difficulty.
  • Emergencies: Whether it be an accident or an immediate health issue, mobile phones cannot always be relied upon. With a landline, emergency operators know exactly where a call is coming from, and even if the call cannot be completed they will send paramedics, police officers, or fire fighters depending on the situation. The landline is always on and is usually always in the one place even when cordless. This all makes it a far more reliable way to contact the emergency services, should such difficulties present themselves.
  • Internet Connection: While some companies offer an internet connection over satellite, these are never as fast or as reliable as a landline. The bottom line is that if a person wants a good internet connection, they need a landline.

A Landline for Business Owners

Many of the reasons given above also apply to business owners; but there are subsequent reasons which pertain to why they should consider having a landline. These include:

  • Professionalism: Having a landline provides a level of professionalism. Everyone has a mobile phone, but calling a landline presents the impression that a company has a place of business and is more legitimate.
  • Communication: In a larger office environment, especially across multiple floors, a landline is still a great way for people to communicate within and out-with a business. In fact it is still a leading way for businesses to organise their communications. Without this, communication can in fact be inefficient, with email rarely providing the relative nuance needed when co-worker interact.

Landlines are Still Important

It’s clear that landlines still have a lot to offer whether in the home or office. They provide a level of quality, reliability and effectiveness which cannot be rivalled by mobile devices. For this reason, home and/or business owners should consider the issue carefully if they are genuinely planning to remove their landlines. In doing so they may be negating an important method of communication.

Landlines have a long and important history, and it’s clear to see this is not going to change any time soon, as they hold particular advantages over cell phones. For the above mentioned reasons landlines are here to stay, and will remain a great option for businesses and homeowners for many. years to come.